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Senran Kagura 2 is getting localized for the NA Region, whoo!

I know it's practically a Musou already, but, proper SK Musou when?
New Wave girls in an SK game when?

Now I have even more reason to beat Shinovi Versus and Burst.  For the longest time, I didn't realize (in SV) that you could do charge attacks.  I was on lunch one day while at work talking at my friend through a chat program (hes in a different section of the building) and was telling me what he thought of the story/gameplay of what I had just completed (then, Final Chapter of Hebijo) and he asked me what I thought of the girls' charge attacks.  I swear I heard him laugh when I typed at him "there's charge attacks?".  Oh man!  How dumb was I not to realize that.  Also, Ryona's charge attack is spin-to-win, so OP!

So the cut-scenes and general officer interaction got downgraded in 8E, really sucks.  They changed Zhao Yun's move-set, boo.  Yueying's Bowblade is back, different move-set from 6E but still pretty good.  The Way of Life titles are kind of weird, more variety, but I liked the trait meters from 7E more.  The Prefect/Marshall stuff is pretty darn cool, get to tell the Ruler to sit down so you can take care of business.

It really stinks you can only have 2 sworn siblings, but I guess that's to be expected.  You can get married and have a kid this go around, oh man, it's gonna be like Fire Emblem Awakening isn't it?  Who has best genes!? Must make demigod-baby!

I have a literal handful of CAWs I make in every Empires game;
Zhang Fei M!CAW
Zhao Yun-now-Wen Yang F!CAW
Lu Meng F!CAW
Guan Yu M!CAW
Yueying F!CAW

I'd love to see Shoulder Parts implemented and separate from Chest Parts, and less Head Parts conflicting with Hair and instead just being accessories.

I feel sorry for the PC release, getting mothballed with the PS3 graphics and NO co-op.  Ouch Koei, you could have at least given them co-op, that's half the fun!

Book Front:
-GK on Chaos action imminent
Vengeful Spirit
-I got spoiled about Garro before this
-But still
-WHY the FUCK is he alive?
-Knights Errant pretty cool
-Horus did something the Emperor couldn't?

Game Front:
(PS4)Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
-Time to conquer China
-Zhang Fei CAW to action!
Homeworld Remastered
-So this is what RTS is supposed to be
(PC)Saints Row The Third
-Comrade-F!Boss is best boss
(PC)Saints Row IV
-Super Jump/Speed make me miss CoH even more
(PC)Alien Isolation
-The sound design in this game is AMAZING
-The Alien almost got me before I got to the first Tram
-It dropped down from the vent as I got into the car
(PC)Warhamer 40k: Space Marine
-Acquire Chainsword
-Charge Attack 3
-Why is there no 40k Musou yet?
(Think about it!  Guardsmen wrecking Greater Deamons, you CANNOT tell me you DON'T want that)

Anime/TV Front:
-I finally recognized the Police Chief
-He was the president in Jonah Hex
-I didn't cheat with IMDB either
Star Wars Rebels
-Ahsoka looks off
Sengoku Musou
-No Ginchiyo
-What the hell
-dat Nene
Dog Days Season 3
-The comfy show is back!
Kantai Collection
-Needs more Ships
-Needs more Battles
Ore Twintail ni Narimasu
-Funimation had this on youtube
-I marathoned it one afternoon
-Pretty good actually
-TechMagic is pretty darn cool
Gundam Build Fighters
-dat Rinko
-Slice of Life (about toy robots) + Robot Fights = Darn Good Balance
-Robot fights are the only reason to watch any Gundam anyway
Wakfu OVA
-Eva and Percy had kids
-I genuinely smiled

Movie Front:
Man of Tai Chi
-Keanu CAN act!
-This was a damn good martial arts movie
-Gentlemen, son
-Teach AI to be gangsta
-This WILL end badly
American Sniper
-People who say this was propaganda are idiots
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United States
I like to write and I hope to do it well someday.
Until then I'll watch movies, play games and read books.

I am a man of few words personally, so don't be surprised (or offended) if I don't reply to you. Favorites, Llamas and Watches speak for themselves.

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