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I have to get these out of my system.  I've been hearing and reading dumb shit this past while, trying to understand the enemy (read as: idiots) in the Feminazi world.

Patriarchy Real: Run by Women
Chivalry Dead, Women denies involvement
Deny Objectification, Buy Makeup
Promote Free Speech, Enforce Censorship
Womyn uses Male Chromosome, Claims Rape


Can someone pass me the codes/keys to start a Nuclear Holocaust?  I promise, I'll give them back.

I don't don't tend to watch Cartoons that often, so when a couple work associates introduced me to Steven Universe, I was skeptical.  There have only been about 2 shows a year since 2004-2005 that I have actually watched.  Either my age is showing or cartoons have just become 'Random Things Happen with Loud Noises', or I was just spoiled with quality like the original Batman cartoon and the bar is set high for anything that follows.  (Does this sound pretentious enough? haha)

The more information we get from the history of the setting prior to Steven has me hoping we'll get a bunch more in-depth back-story coming up in Season 2.
I am still rather surprised on how Lapis was handled (unintentional pun) in the finale.  Also, Garnet was a Fusion the whole time.  It's so weird how obvious it was, paraded around in front of us the whole time looking back.  Pearl is going to snap at some point right?  RIGHT?

Superman/Batman and Suicide Squad trailers have me excited.  I hope Bats and Supes do Dark Knight Returns live-action because damn thats a good comic/animated film.  Also, after seeing Assault on Arkham I very much want to see a pseudo-live action showing off more capes stuff/characters.  Also, Katana is in it.

Also, if you like 40k regardless of the topic/substance then I suggest you go over to
It's pretty cool and I am really enjoying Mother of Sharks specifically, but the portraits of the Scions are all great.
-tfw you were too busy working/trying to have free-time/social-life you missed out on the Founder contest
Lachesis (or a variation) should be the A/O Scion name.  That's all I could think of!

Sometimes I wonder how different life would be if I had chosen drugs/alcohol over Games/Books/Movies.
Probably about the same I'd wager.
I really need to look into Streaming/Recording my game sessions or other such review shit. 
There's gotta be some audience for uninteresting commentary on mediocre media right?
Unless Pewdiepie already cornered the market...

Book Front:
Pariah Ravenor vs Eisenhorn
-I have heard mixed reviews/feelings about this
(Finished)Damnation of Pythos
-Unknown Victory
-Unsung Heroes
-This is the best argument for why White Scars/Jaghatai is best Legion/Primarch
(Again)Mark of Calth
(Again)Unremembered Empire
-Heresy era Ultras are pretty darn awesome
(Again)Angel Exterminatus
-More Iron Warriors please

Game Front:
-This game is terrible
-Do not buy it
Trials Fusion
-Best $6 I ever spent
FarCry 3
-Can't skip cut-scenes, fucking why
-This a clunky shooter or it's intentional because of the upgrades/skills
X-Com Declassified: The Bureau
-Terrible Mass Effect gameplay clone
(Finished)Shadows of Mordor
-Perfect mix of Batman and AssCreed
-Nothing like getting revenge on a Ork
I am Bread
-Fuck you physics!
(Again)Dragon Age Inquisition
-Jaws of Hakkon is pretty cool
-DW Rogue is amazing melee fun
(Again)Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
-I have beaten everything else
-Rin stands in the way of my completing the game
-I am afraid to let go of the Block/Guard button
-New Assault Hunter is fun
-Still trying to get the hang of the melee power
-I can't play the Monster
-I will have to 'git gud'

Anime/TV Front:
The Last Ship
-Not going to lie I watched this for Jayne Cobb (yes I know his real name is Adam Baldwin)
-Turned out to be a pretty good show
(Finished Season 1)Steven Universe
-Skip the Pilot Episode
-Garnet is awesome
-Musical Numbers are surprisingly catchy
Bikini Warriors
-This is exactly what you think it is
Non Non Biyori Repeat
-Slow paced comedy
-Slow paced fun
Little Witch Academia Enchanted Parade
-It got a series?
Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works
-You know I was following this just fine
-Then they introduced (confirmed?) the real identity of Archer
Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
-This show is awesome

Movie Front:
Justice League Gods and Monsters
-I saw a post about this that summed up a very nice point
-I can't do it justice as I have forgotten the exact wording of the post
-"Superman is the upbringing, not the person"
-Fuckin' A
-These guys are awesome
-Kevin gets shit done
Jurassic World
-I dearly wanted the Indominus to have some Human in it
-If only for the Futurama reference
-Still not enough Dinosaur screen-time
-TRex and Raptor buddy movie when?
Terminator Genisys
-Pretty good actually
-Leaves room for a Sequel
-A quote from the movie that applies to these 'old' properties "Old, not Obsolete"
Inside Out
-Far better than I thought it would be
-Fuck you San Francisco
-This is like a Stoner/Drunk movie for chicks yeah?
-Hard not to be reminded of The Heat
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United States
I like to write and I hope to do it well someday.
Until then I'll watch movies, play games and read books.

I am a man of few words personally, so don't be surprised (or offended) if I don't reply to you. Favorites, Llamas and Watches speak for themselves.

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