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'Trigger Warning' is stupid.  Just like the growing trend of its use and those who use it.  How the fuck do they survive being in public.  Have you seen the shit that 'triggers' them?  Holy hell it's ridiculous and sad.
Just like Feminism, (which FYI, I did not mind/oppose until this past year, maybe a little earlier) the phrase/word has been taken and mutated into something that means "Things should conform to my standards".
No longer does it mean the same thing.  Like the buzzword being thrown around, it was co-opted and drug through the mud.  Except its not mud.
I want all these people to die.
I used to have hope in the world/humanity. 
How fast did that evaporate I could not tell you.

Agendas, everyone has one.  I have made my peace with that truth.  But please, make sure its not full of shit.

More people who rail against it, should support what Gamergate is about.  Ethics.
I myself, do not especially care if reviewers/game journalists are bought and paid for as long as they just state it upfront so I can 'grain of salt' appropriately.
Any sane/good game-consumer these days waits for gameplay videos (LP or livestream or Release Demos) before they make a purchase decision.
I'd say never pre-order in this DLC ridden age.

Angry ranting completed.  Maybe.

So I must have watched some very lucky people playing DA:I when I was looking into it before buying.  The game played very well for these people, or they took the time to edit out the flaws.  Watched some live-streams (where some of my cut-scene complaints below weren't valid, somehow), watched some LPs and damn it, the game looked alright.  To be honest, the game is alright, but the current DLC is not.  In fact, the current 'deluxe' DLC is shit.  If you continue to read this, you will see my reason, but seriously, don't get it.

I hate and love clipping.

Dragon Age Keep is kinda nice, don't have to do full playthroughs to see my choices resolved via in-game letters anymore, if not invalidated (Origins doesn't even need to exist canonically if you actually think about it/played it as only 2 [optional] decisions [if you even did them] get resolved secondhand).

The Ending is very 'meh' but hell, it's a lot better than ME3s was.

Also, I think my Left joystick is crapping out the my controller.  Pressing L3 means the stick acts like it got doused with soda and dried.  I haven't even had it two months and I only ever used L3 to sprint in Destiny, ugh.

Fun fact, when I first saw trailers and what not for DA:I, my first thought was "Oh hey, DAII finished rendering".

Book Front:
(again)Legion of the Damned
-When a Blood Crusade comes to your planet, who you gonna call

Game Front:
Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)
-The previous games had more hair, seriously?
-The hell is up with the Qunari hair options
-Horns are not hair
-Clipping is not an excuse since everyone's chin already goes through their shoulder
-Iron Bull's voice does not fit, at all
-Why does everyone have rubber alien fingers
-Cassandra, why is your torso missing
-Trevelyan, why is your weapon afraid of your hand
-Now, why is your weapon INSIDE your hand
-Why are people sticking their weapons through their skulls
-I see the people of Orlais also have no bones, or sometimes muscles, in their necks
-Why does Sera have a deformed torso
-Hawke, what happened to your face?  They wouldn't even give you your old model huh?  ouch
-Why is there an invisible wall in the MIDDLE of the map on a path I can clearly jump to
-Fall damage only applies to 'scouted' areas and not Skyhold
-Where did all the spells/talents go
-Why can't I access abilities via the radial menu are you fucking kidding me
-What happened to the tactics
-Tactical Mode camera is shit, does not account for ledges making you go around the landscape instead of your companion AI just doing it themselves to get to the target
-Tactical Mode 'pause/play' is alright
-Directional Combat is great, makes sense
-Mounts are useless
-PONR tells you it is the PONR, kinda nice
-War Table is alright, would have been nice to send other companions on the 'gather cloth/herb/metal' missions or to send messengers to/from so you don't have to go back everytime to send someone out for another
-Rift Mage Spec is amazing, get that Primal feel back ala Stonefist
-Guard is an awesome Warrior trait
-Orlais and 'The Game', I want to burn it down
-Cole is stupid
-Varric sucks unless he yaps out his noisehole
-Blackwall needs to not talk and be continually hitting stuff, conversing with him is like talking to someone about their most favorite thing and they just hate at it
-Cassandra is straightforward and to the point, fantastic
-Solas, how I hate thee and your ability to not sound like a selfish prick
-Vivienne is actually reasonable
-Sera is tolerable, she and Viv are good times
-DLC equipment can't be modified with boots/gloves/grips, bullshit
-No way to make low tier schematics stronger, have to use ugly ass high tier stuff (real nit-picky huh)
-Dragon fights are fun, too bad there is a limited number
-Needs more Harding
-I still find it hilarious that Gaider is against Dwarf romance, is he some kind of idiot that can't separate fiction from life?
-Oh right, he's the guy that thinks 'dead' means 'alive'

Fuck am I glad DA is done, now I can write Bioware off and be done with them.
Also, if you read this and were spoiled, its your own damn fault for looking into it.  On the internet.  On this post of all places.

Anime/TV Front:
Legend of Korra
-Kuvira vs Toph when
-Zhu Li episode when
Star Wars Rebels
-More Hera please
Akame ga Kill
-'People die' the show
Cross Ange
-Went downhill a little
-Main character kinda blows
-Supporting cast keeping it going
Chaika Avenging Battle
-Broken Speech Pattern = Fun
-Akari still awesome
-Fredrika still funny
Yuki Yuna
-So many boring episodes
-Think it's time to drop it
Ai Tenchi Muyo
-This hurts to watch
-But I need my Tenchi fix, ugh
Gugure Kokkuri-san
-Old Tanuki Guy is awesome
Denki-gai no Honya-san
-This show makes me grin
-"I have no idea whats going on"
-This is awesome

Movie Front:
The Lion Roars 2
-It's like one of my Koei video games
-Good stuff
The Lost Bladesman
-Donnie Yen, hell yeah
Big Hero 6
-This movie is great
-I want everything from Hiro's garage
-Some of this dialogue, right in the emotions
-Dat Cass
-Last Stands are a thing of tragic beauty
St Vincent
-Not the usual Bill Murray flick
-Pretty darn good
-I don't get it
-Now I get it
-I keep going back and forth
-This movie is pretty cool scifi
-I lost it when I heard the captain's name though
-Hint = TETSUO!!!
John Wick
-Good ol'timey action flick
-Solid movie, worth a watch
Rampage Capital Punishment
-Not as good as the first one
-Still better than all the rest of Boll's films though.

Wow this was a long-ass Journal entry.
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United States
I like to write and I hope to do it well someday.
Until then I'll watch movies, play games and read books.

I am a man of few words personally, so don't be surprised (or offended) if I don't reply to you. Favorites, Llamas and Watches speak for themselves.

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