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Dragon Age Inquisition Meme by Jaguard Dragon Age Inquisition Meme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 1 0
My DIY 40k Space Marine Chapter - Iron Blades
Geneseed:  Rogal Dorn
Progenitor:  Executioners (Uncertain)
Mutations:  None
Founding Era:  25th Founding (Uncertain)
The Chapter was commissioned as a Standing Force and response to the massive Ork population in the region.  The Chapter has fought Orks since their birth in both the void and on the field.  They have met in combat with all the Imperium's enemies.
Chapter Symbol:  White Fist w/Gold Wings overlaid on a Red Shield
Chapter Colors:  Charadon Granite, Macharius Solar Orange, Dhenab Stone
Battlecry:   "On the stone are we made.  In the fire are we born."
Homeworld:  Segmentum Ultima - Mordant Zone
Kasahc Cluster (Kay-zack)
Kasahc Prime - Temperate/Terra-like
-Forest (Agressive growth), Rock/Mountains
-Sororitas Chapel in Capital Hive (Three Hive Cities)
-Chapter Stations at the Poles
-Kadak Mauler (Bear/Cougar hybrid, rite of passage for Astartes Initiates)
Kasahc Secondus - Barren Desert/Rock
-Chapter Forge/Fortress
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40k DIY - Iron Blades Chapter Scheme by Jaguard 40k DIY - Iron Blades Chapter Scheme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 2 0 Top Vidya Geams by Jaguard Top Vidya Geams :iconjaguard:Jaguard 2 1 40k - Concept - Iron Pledge by Jaguard 40k - Concept - Iron Pledge :iconjaguard:Jaguard 1 0 Fire Emblem Awakening Meme by Jaguard Fire Emblem Awakening Meme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 5 4 Mass Effect 3 Meme by Jaguard Mass Effect 3 Meme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 0 0
Faffing About
Shattered Blade
Looking out the bridge portal and beholding Scabbard with his home as the backdrop brought much joy to his weary eyes.  Master of the Chapter, Hauf Ordic had given orders that were received by all but few in their company with elation and cheers, while the few others had met it with a mix of hollow joy.  
They were going to war.  
He was being left behind.
His brothers would be off earning glory with their Imperial brothers against Xeno and Heretic alike on the edges of the segmentum.  He would be left behind with those he commanded to sit idle and wait their return.
Long had the journey been fraught with resistance, doubt and pride.  The progenitors had sanctioned them for purpose, making sure The First was fit to lead, his prowess in combat and politics revered.  He had planned for them, consuming time while his cohorts organized and labored.  He planned for years before sounding the call to action.  
His brothers balked at the plan, some refusing it outright.  His mi
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Skyrim Meme by Jaguard Skyrim Meme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 5 0
Character Musings 2
-Rank: Inquisitorial Agent
-Red Axe Commando
-Specialty: Dakka
--It is not known how or why the Ork known as Gatrok came to be sterile.  Unlike other Orks who pollinate the air (and by extension the world) around them with plant-like spores Gatrok does not.  Orks by nature grow larger the longer they live which suggests that at the start of his service he was very young although tempered in mind beyond his physical age.  He could be measured taller than man, but just short of the height of an Astartes.
--Red Axe Commando are by nature very un-Ork like, taking to tactics and strategy of the Imperium when engaging in battle.  They also favor ambush and sneak attacks.  Like all Orks, Gatrok is capable, although limited, in the production of making and maintaining his own firearms.  He also maintains his armor by salvaging metal or iron, plates of adamantium and even discarded or salvaged Flak armor.  While preferring to use his own personal armory, he will take up tools of the Imp
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Character Musings 1
-Kilsam Vendrik
-Rank: Corporal
-232 Jaguard Drop Troop
-Specialty: Demolitions
--Kilsam 'Kil' Vendrik was not born on Cadia, but was assimilated into the Cadian Regiment that conquered and liberated his world from the throes of Chaos.  He was drafted as a young boy and through luck and the Emperor's grace lived past Conscription and made it into the elite of the Cadian fighting machine, the Kasrkin.  During his tour in the Kali-Sha star cluster reclaiming worlds lost to the Orks when the cluster was cut off by warp storms he would meet his confidant and later partner Teila'Quin.  They would spend the later half of the campaign together as Teila would be attached to his platoon as the resident combat medic.
--Afterwards they would be taken to a loyal cluster of stars where one system had broken out in open rebellion of Terra.  It is here where Kilsam (and by extension Teila) would lose what vestiges of 'home' he had.  Ambushed by Cultists of the Dark Powers he would be captured and tor
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Grieve-tan Short
The first strike was parried while the follow-up was turned away, she could feel her chest tightening with each swing. He was blocking every strike, only the sweat on his brow gave away the ferocity of their exhibition duel and of course, her increasingly ragged breath turning to wheezes.  She wished that they had been alone in the gym but as with her opponent's charisma, he was ever accompanied by his compatriot, and she by her sisters. Sometimes her sister's presence annoyed her, but she knew they were just making sure she was safe, from anything or anyone that would do her harm.
"I say dear if you would like to pause our fight to fetch your medication I would more than willing to let you." He said with a slight smile in his smug magnanimous way.
"I don't need it to be-" her chest started to seize, and she had to pause her assault as she bent over slightly, eyes clenched and limbs tensed, she wheezed and felt a hacking fit build in her lungs. She would not lose this way! "-at yo
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SWTOR Character Collage by Jaguard SWTOR Character Collage :iconjaguard:Jaguard 5 0 Dragon Age II Meme by Jaguard Dragon Age II Meme :iconjaguard:Jaguard 4 11 CoH Toon Collage 22 by Jaguard CoH Toon Collage 22 :iconjaguard:Jaguard 2 0 CoH Toon Collage 21 by Jaguard CoH Toon Collage 21 :iconjaguard:Jaguard 5 0

Random Favourites

warhammer by MikhailSavier warhammer :iconmikhailsavier:MikhailSavier 477 30 Arbitror by Corbella Arbitror :iconcorbella:Corbella 450 9 Xenos Inquisitor by Corbella Xenos Inquisitor :iconcorbella:Corbella 517 29 The Blood of Martyrs by Corbella The Blood of Martyrs :iconcorbella:Corbella 378 15 The sister of battle by LordHannu The sister of battle :iconlordhannu:LordHannu 1,264 51 Sister of battle by LordHannu Sister of battle :iconlordhannu:LordHannu 1,161 57 Stroikan Kill Team by ning Stroikan Kill Team :iconning:ning 259 15 Sister Silencia by ning Sister Silencia :iconning:ning 488 23 The XII Primarch by saint-max The XII Primarch :iconsaint-max:saint-max 967 191 Sister of Battle sketch #1 by saint-max Sister of Battle sketch #1 :iconsaint-max:saint-max 46 18 Sister of Battle sketch #2 by saint-max Sister of Battle sketch #2 :iconsaint-max:saint-max 46 5 The Demon Hunter by saint-max The Demon Hunter :iconsaint-max:saint-max 566 68 Demon Hunter sketch #2 by saint-max Demon Hunter sketch #2 :iconsaint-max:saint-max 113 23 The V Primarch by saint-max The V Primarch :iconsaint-max:saint-max 663 126 Daily Hero - Little Golden Hammer by saint-max Daily Hero - Little Golden Hammer :iconsaint-max:saint-max 63 21 Sister of Battle WIP 2 by saint-max Sister of Battle WIP 2 :iconsaint-max:saint-max 480 77
Donnie Yen is in it.  I am on board.  Only thing that could make it better is if the Empire are the good guys.

Book Front:
-Orks channel Eldar god-powers
-Khorne must be pissed and jealous
(Finished)Sanctus Reach
-Inquisitor's gonna Inquisition
-Space Marines only do two things well, fight and die
-Orks gonna Gork
-Orks gonna Mork
-Orks gonna muck about
-Needs more Orks
Flesh Tearers
-The Blood must flow

Game Front:
(Finished)Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Improved upon the original in every way
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
-Much better than the show
-It's not as fucking long
Hyrule Warriors Legends
-New Characters are pretty cool
-Game runs really well on the New 3DS
-Linkle's character is a love-able idiot
Fire Emblem Fates
-Eugenics gonna kill me again
Senran Kagura Estival Versus
-Yozakura got changed, ffuuu
-Need a proper Musou title for this series
-Dialogue is boring fast for the "depth" of story
Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
-Took over Japan too fast
-Have to force myself to play differently to experience all of the game

Anime/TV Front:
-Frank and Fisk make this show
-Daredevil himself is pretty meh
-Elektra was pretty meh too
-I really like this version of Holmes/Watson
-Ragnar is going to snap soon
-Rolo you glorious bastard
-I am still enjoying this show
-It better be back for another season
Ojisan to Marshmallow
-Marshmallow are delicious
Utawarerumono InK
-Some of these character interactions are pretty good
Dagashi Kashi
-Candy is delicious

Movie Front:
Captain America Civil War
-Spiderman kicked ass
-Black Panther movie now please (I don't want to wait)
-We need more hero-brawls fight scenes
-Ant Man's laugh
Batman V Superman
-Batman's voice is through a synthesizer, well played
-Superman can't see through smoke, wut
-Wonder Woman was pretty good, look forward to solo movie, maybe she'll actually get hurt/be flawed
-JL cameos were pretty shit
-Lex uses Bats, wut
-Worth the price of admission
Star Wars Force Awakens
-A New Hope v2.0
-Rey gets used to her powers WAY too fast/easy
-Needed more Phasma
-Kylo is great and terrible
--Uses Pain to fuel his powers
--Is a Whiny Bitch
Justice League vs Teen Titans
-I miss the TV Show
-Apart from the not-really-Teen-Titans this was great
Batman Bad Blood
-If this is Batwoman, she awesome
-That Animation
-That thinly veiled social commentary
Kung Fu Panda 3
-Wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was
Lazer Team
Not great, but not bad either
The Martian
Science the shit out of it
The Revenant
-Great movie
-That Bear fight though, damn
Hateful Eight
Lincoln Letter
-As funny as it is terrible
The Big Short
-Be angry about the real event
-Get angry again watching the movie
Gods of Egypt
-Clash of the Titans re-make ruined these 'gods' type movies for me
-Also, this CGI little-to-giant people is getting out of hand
-Alternatively, exploring a new Pantheon is nice
-Norse up next yeah? heh
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